Project Status

We distribute Active Agenda under the Reciprocal Public License (RPL). "The RPL is based on the concept of reciprocity or, if you prefer, fairness."

Since our first code release in 2006, we have learned that core teams perform 85-100% of the work in open source projects. We learned that it takes 1000 users to produce 10 bug reports and inspire a single patch submission.

Our founder is an operational risk manager. Our coding partner recently walked away from the project. We are looking for a PHP guru (or firm) interested in joining us. We need to push new code to a Mercurial repository at sourceforge(external link) and we need to generate a new download package for code created since 2007. None of this can happen until we find a sponsor that shares our mission.

Open source is a beautiful concept. It is an elegant method for making things better, faster. Open source increases and distributes opportunities rather than decreasing and hoarding them, but it requires courageous and visionary sponsorship. Please contact our founder (Dan Zahlis) if you are interested in discussing a sponsorship. We are eager to commit many improvements.

Thank you for your interest in Active Agenda.

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