Partnerships Binder

In Active Agenda, a Partnership is a written program. Written programs describe how an organization satisfies its: customer, supplier, governmental, accrediting body, standards provider, and/or internal policy requirements. We help organizations automate the data tracking, reporting, and form completion tasks found in a typical policy or procedure manual. We turn these static documents into dynamic, data driven, measurable systems.

Please review the sample Table of Contents below to get an idea of the types of things we automate. We are constantly adding new programs to satisfy specialized needs, but we try to maintain a cross-functional, cross-industry, and cross-geography design. As we add modules and features to Active Agenda, we make every effort to avoid redundancies between programs and streamline the compliance process. We use single systems to manage redundant requirements across business silos.

We hold collaborative meetings with our clients on a regular basis. Our goal is to increase the sharing of best practices between our clients, provide professional development, and incorporate new ideas into Active Agenda that can be utilized by everyone. Our community of practice(external link) meetings help all of us to improve our performance while making everyone's job a little easier.

Collaboration requires a culture of cooperation. Risk management and compliance require strong partnerships between internal and external stakeholders. That's why we refer to written programs as Partnerships, and that's why Active Agenda is deployed in a browser on the Internet.

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