Custom Modules

Active Agenda is a "highly iterative, rapidly customizable, collaborative communication framework."

Active Agenda consists of more than one hundred modules addressing business requirements common to almost any industry. Active Agenda can also be customized to address your specific needs. Our development framework allows us to rapidly create custom modules that share Active Agenda's user interface, leverage existing modules and data, and inherit Active Agenda's standard features (i.e., permissions, charts, filtering, reporting, etc.).

Our integrated risk management perspective allows us to incorporate customization requests into our basic framework. The examples below represent standalone customization requests that leverage the existing strengths of our framework while satisfying the unique needs of the requester.


Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)

Pilot Report Form
Pilot Report Form

We were contacted by an insurance brokerage interested in automating NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)(external link) for their clients. We studied the reporting requirements, and international aviation taxonomies, and we developed modules to help aviation clients report aviation safety events. We extended NASA's reporting system by integrating Active Agenda's existing and complimentary modules. Active Agenda's Aviation Safety Reporting System modules can be used to automate reporting to central authorities, while allowing aviation clients and their employees to manage and mitigate reported hazards with Active Agenda's risk control framework. Please let us know(external link) if you would like these modules added to your installation.


Teaching Practice Assessments

Self Assessment Form
Self Assessment Form

The California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) were jointly developed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing(external link) and the California Department of Education(external link). These standards, which set forth the expectations for current classroom teachers, were adopted by the Commission and approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction in October 2009.

The state lists six standards by which California teachers should be measured. The state breaks these standards into elements and asks teachers to assess themselves against five criteria levels for each standard element. Active Agenda automated the process of recording teacher self-assessments. All of the teaching practices are centralized and can be shared across a work group, subject discipline, department, campus, district or broader collaborative community. Active Agenda's design also allows teachers to attach and share curriculum support materials and we automate the generation of the Teacher Self Assessment form. Please contact us(external link) if you would like to add this collaborative process to your teacher self-assessments.

Health Care

Healthcare Event Report Form

Healthcare Event Report
Healthcare Event Report

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality(external link) (AHRQ) coordinates the development of Common Formats for reporting patient safety events to Patient Safety Organizations(external link). This activity is authorized by the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (Patient Safety Act) and the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Final Rule (Patient Safety Rule).

Active Agenda used the Common Formats 0.1 beta as a specification to develop a Healthcare Event Reporting module and automate the core Healthcare Event Report Form. We are happy to update this to the most recent format and add it to your installation if you are interested(external link).

WHO Surgical Checklist

Self Assessment Form
Self Assessment Form

The goal of the Safe Surgery Saves Lives Challenge(external link) is to improve the safety of surgical care around the world by ensuring adherence to proven standards of care in all countries. The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist has improved compliance with standards and decreased complications from surgery in eight pilot hospitals where is was evaluated. Active Agenda automated the Surgical Safety Checklist. Please let us know(external link) if you would like to add this module to your installation.

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